Erika Sato Picture Archives

Erika Sato on a green couch

Erika Sato is lying on a green couch, naked, wearing just her black see-through shirt. She appears in many sexy positions showing her sexy butt, her lovely amazing pubis and her sweet soft round full breasts.

Erika Sato in the shower

Erika Sato is in the shower, she’s already washed up and is rinsing, you can see her boobs still covered in soap suds, making you want to help her rinse, take them away. You can now see her drying up with a smooth towel, completely naked caressing her body.

Erika Sato in the tub

Erika Sato is in the tub, she’s naked wearing just a black see-through shirt that makes you want to see more. She looks so provocative and sexy, you can see her naked soft round boobs, her sweet dreamy pubis and her round tight ass.

Erika Sato looks like heaven

Erika Sato is wearing a light blue body suit, she looks incredibly sexy in it. This body suit barely covers her, since it lets you see her round soft boobs, her little tight ass and her dreamy angelic pubis. She has such sensuality and such luscious skin, she’s irresistible.

Erika Sato walking down the street

Erika Sato is exposing her amazingly flat tummy in white low cut pants, walking down the street to her home. She gets there and goes to her room where she lies down on the floor in a very sexy position, showing her beautiful body.

Erika Sato strip tease

Erika Sato is wearing pants and a shirt, she slowly strips for you. She wants you to admire her beautiful body, her sexy luscious skin. She shows you her tight little peachy ass, her round full boobs and her sexy, attractive pubis. She knows she’s desirable and she takes advantage of it.

Erika Sato sexy in black

Erika Sato has her black dress on, but she won’t let it cover her up in front of you. She pulls it up or down depending on what she wants you to see. She shows you her round big boobs, her little tight ass and her amazing pussy.

Erika Sato is back in black

Erika Sato is lying on her bed wearing her sexiest black underwear. She strips for you, very sensually. She moves around into many different sexy positions so that you can appreciate the beauty of her big round boobs and her heavenly pubis.

Erika Sato sexy in bed

Erika Sato is in the nude, wearing just her pink striped cardigan and looking very sexy. She is lying in bed in many positions, letting you see her peachy ass, her sensuous round boobs and her dreamy pubis. Her skin looks so luscious.

Erika Sato pretty in pink

Erika Sato is wearing pink panties with garter stockings and is completely topless. She is putting herself in many different sexy positions, exposing her pretty, round ass, lovely? full boobs and desirable pubis. She looks so amazingly sexy and hot.